The core business of PAFCO is loining of Tuna (round fish) for Bumble Bee. The secondary component of PAFCOs operations are canning, fishmeal production, and fish oil extraction by a third party.


“A competitive producer and growing exporter of quality Tuna products”.


To achieve our vision we will:

  • Become the most efficient producer of quality Tuna products
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace and comply with local & international regulatory standards
  • Ensure that our activities are environmentally friendly and sustainable,
  • Remain an equal opportunity employer in Ovalau and the Lomaiviti province


“The Home of Sun Bell”


  1. Accountability and Transparency
  2. Integrity and Fairness
  3. Customer Focused
  4. People Focused
  5. Safety and Security Conscious
  6. Doing the Right Thing
  7. Consideration of all stakeholders


PAFCO’s history began in the mid to late fifties as a joint venture between the Fiji Government and the Japan Ministry of Trade and Commerce, incorporated in 1963 as a private company. The Government of Fiji holds 99.58% of shares with the balance held by private shareholders.

The principal activities of the company are loin processing and fish canning for local and regional markets. The main processing plant is based in Levuka, Ovalau with the executive headquarters located in Suva. PAFCO processes raw tuna into cooked frozen tuna loins and canned products. For shipment, the loins are vacuum-packed/sealed, frozen and palletized.

Strategic Objectives

Business Environment / Operations

The planned investments for infrastructure and installation of new plants as well as plant upgrades will assist PAFCO in having more productive operations and at the same time reduce maintenance costs. Increase in production capacity is also another strategic objective being targeted.

Competition / Market

PAFCO is diversifying its products to be able to compete on all fronts. A “Sales and Marketing” capacity is being considered for establishment. This will ensure that market research and relevant products and marketing strategies are developed and put into practice to ensure that PAFCO products remain the number one choice for all consumers of canned Tuna.