Pacific Fishing Company Pte Ltd has been in existence for over 55 years. PAFCO’s history began in the mid to late fifties as a joint venture between the Fiji Government and the Japan Ministry of Trade and Commerce, incorporated in 1963 as a private company and continued as such until the Government of Fiji acquired almost full ownership in 1987 from the Japanese company C. Itoh. The Government of Fiji holds 99.58% of shares with the balance held by private shareholders.

The principal activities of the company are Tuna loin processing and Tuna canning for local and overseas markets. Fish meal and fish oil are processed as by-products.  The main processing plant is based in Levuka, Ovalau with the executive headquarters located in Suva.

PAFCO signed a Tuna loin processing agreement with Bumble Bee Foods. The current agreement is valid for an additional 10 years.

Organizational Structure

Management Team